Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mr Thomas Hennessy, we will miss you. Thank you, dear friend. Here's to you, Tom!

Goodbye, dear Tom. ...Anxiety swells and tears fall as I write yet another goodbye note to one of the incredible unsung heroes of our time. 

Our friend and advocate, Thomas Hennessy, started the famous day of May 12th, awareness day for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). He himself lived with ailments beyond words and beyond what people could see. His efforts to bridge communities and open hearts will be forever felt in every step that we continue to make. 

Be strong my suffering friends. Hold your heads high and know that you are a community of HEROES. To have an "Invisible Disease" is to live everyday with what most people fear. Don't let people's misunderstandings bury you. --Educate them instead! Stand for those who are sicker than you are! Give your life a purpose from this suffering.

I have learned so many great things from being gay, but one of the most powerful things I have learned is that being in hiding hurts your soul. So help yourself,  help your fellow humanity, and tell your stories! Make videos, write books, make blogs, post on your profiles, compose letters, create art ... Do anything that you can to tell your story. Be unafraid, and be unashamed! --Just because people do not understand you, does not make it okay for them to hurt you. Please love each other abundantly, and please above all, find purpose in your struggles. Make this experience mean something GREAT! Because you, my friends who are walking through the fires of hell-- YOU ARE MY HEROES!!! 

Sincerely, I love you all!!! Please stay hopeful, and please, stay alive --in every possible way. 

I am forever proud of my fellow survivors. 

Love to you all,

Dr Franky Dolan 

We love you, Tom.... Thank you, for your legacy.


  1. Dr. Tom,
    You have done what one would strive, their entire life, to do. You have changed the life of another. Probably thousands of others. Your legacy will live on as the ripple effect travels into eternity. God Speed.

  2. This is so beautiful, dear Franky. You are a formidable opponent for this terrible illness and I, for one, fell blessed to have you on our side! Tom sounds like an incredible soul who did so much for our cause. What a lovely way to honor him.

    Be well, sweet, sweet man.

  3. RIP tom. so sorry .your name wont be forgot x