Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Dream Doors ....Fairy Door, Faerie Portal, Dream-way, Doorway....

This, my friends, is my newest Faerie Dream Door. ~ 

I mounted the sculpted clay doors onto wood household fixtures. Then I sculpted and carved texture around the walls, columns and stairway. I do love this new updated style. It is so much more substantial and eye-catchng this way.

The background for this photo shoot was a beautiful gold aluminum embossed sheet. So pretty, isn't it? I had a lot of trouble shooting this door because it just wan't getting the light or focus that I needed. But this background really just made it sing. 

I hope that you all can take a moment and dream your biggest dreams, with comfort and a belief that you may just get what you hope for in life. That is part of what these doors stand for. 

Sending love to all~

Dr Franky Dolan

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