Thursday, April 11, 2013

Using my art to further raise ever-needed awareness! ~Circus Angel~

I have created another painting, one with such texture and ornate curvature. There was a face that came to me, a beautiful female face, torn by a hard life, but still beautiful from her courage and her kindness. She was a theatrical performer, wanting to help others like herself; others who have seen difficult days, and yet, still persevered to spread light and happiness. I called her, or perhaps I should say, she called herself, Circus Angel... That she is. Let me introduce you to her now. ~

Circus Angel:

Circus performers, once shunned away from society for being different, for being freaks, ended up making people smile, laugh and wonder. The circus put on a life-enhancing show for those who were willing to open their hearts and minds to it. Once a performer for the circus, a young woman struggled to survive; yet she lived with a burning passion to help the people who misunderstood her. Her greatest success in life was her trail of breathtaking performances, igniting inspired audiences everywhere. A thought, a wish, a dream, would brighten their spirits, and their eyes would sparkle brighter than the circus lights. This was her undying mission, and it is what earned her an honorary position among the angels. She is the Circus Angel.  

Now, the face of this olde world performer drifts across a stage, and beyond the curtains to show herself to me. I sit, I meditate on who she is and what she emotes. She tells me that she discovered a mysterious curtain, one that painfully divides ill people from those who have the great fortune of health. She was shocked and saddened to see this curtain of cruelty. Why does this divide even exist? When humanity gathers without question, and without hesitation, to assist those who need help; that is when human beings become humane.

Ill people are real-life heroes. Everyday they endure what most people fear. Give them a platform and they will teach us. They once lived center stage in their lives, and now they are left alone, hidden behind an invisible cloak, living with some of the greatest untapped wisdom the world may never know. Unless, we unleash the wings of angels, open the oppressive curtains of isolation, and set these heroic survivors free.

The greatest show on earth is not that of a circus, it is the display of loving grace from one person to another.

Sending Love,

Dr Franky Dolan 

....And now, I will be creating cyber bumper stickers with my art! Here is my first one... What do you think? I gotta say, it is my truth:

Love to you all ~

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