Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fairy Door Franky! ...Thank you Google, for giving me my own little section on the internet!! Wow! Yes, Fairy Door Franky is here.

Isn't this fun?! "Fairy Door Franky" ~Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? 
Google has a section on Google Images, just for my fairy doors now! (Also called Faerie Dream Doors, or just Faerie Doors.) These things don't always last long, so I am grateful and sharing it now. If you Google the words "Fairy Door" then go to Images, Google offers a suggestion above, for "Fairy Door Franky". How fun! I wanted to share the excitement with all of you! Thank you for the continued support! We must keep getting the message out there, that there is HOPE and we can still have good lives ahead, even if we are lonely, defeated or ill today. ...Keep dreaming, friends!!!

And by the way, I have a new batch of Fairy Doors coming out VERY soon, and they are a big step up! Pictures coming soon!

www.FaeFactory.com (Official Website)
www.faefactory.etsy.com (Online Store)

Sending Love,

Dr Franky Dolan  ...aka Fairy Door Franky ;-) 

Legend of the Faerie Dream Doors, by Dr Franky Dolan.....

Legend has it that faeries will offer protection and abundance to all who prop up one of these magical portals. Perhaps the most spiritual and magnanimous item that we people can have for the Fae, is one of these Dream Doors. This allows for magical Fae people to come and flit about your home with ease. As a thank you, the faeries leave gifts to support your dreams and fantasies. So believe in yourself and your dreams. Keep these precious doors on a desk, a floorboard, by your bed, or anywhere else that you wish.   

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