Saturday, February 16, 2013

Invisible Diseases... Invisible Warriors...

So many people have no clue about just how hard you have to work on simply being alive, when illness pulls you down every single second of your entire life.

The things that most people take for granted... Walking, bathing, breathing, reading, speaking and spending time with friends --all without effort. When you are seriously chronically ill, these things all come with an enormous sacrifice. I have been ill for more than half of my life, with a disease that has no cure --and no treatment. I don't care anymore if someone who has never been seriously ill thinks that I "talk too much" about my illness. I don't care. What I do care about is helping those people who fight everyday so thanklessly. God, I wish that people could know how amazing all of my Invisible Diseases friends and peers are!

That is why this disease is called "invisible". I have seen such incredible warriors. INCREDIBLE warriors, fighting the greatest battle of their lives, for their lives. All without recognition. Just for the sake of living their truth, and believing that they deserve to have as much health and happiness as anyone else. You do, my beautiful friends! Keep marching on my beautiful survivors. I will be right beside you to the finish line! .. Please, if ever I falter, and begin to fall, help me to walk again. When I have the strength, I will help you in return. ...And to everyone else who has the immeasurable blessing of health, please reach out to those who are ill, and let them know that you are their advocate. You can sincerely save a life, simply by reaching out your hand.

Sending love to you all...

Dr Franky Dolan

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