Monday, March 25, 2013

Wall Sculpture, Canvas Clay Relief of a Blue Angel coming through ~

...I still can't believe that some of these artistic expressions come through me. I work very very hard on all of my creations, but it was never anything that I studied in my past. For me, art really sincerely is, a spiritual expression. It flows through me, like a message to be shared.    

About This Piece:
This beautiful exotic face is aged and brushed with gold rays of light. An ornate wing emerges, and the moment is captured on this breathtaking masterpiece. Swimming in rich blues, with abundant texture and shades of illuminating white, this is a powerful one-of-a -kind work of art. Made from the hands of a survivor, and brought to life by the spirit of a visionary. The energy in the room is forever changed by the presence of this stunning sculptural relief by Dr Franky Dolan. To be in person with one of these pieces, is fiercely etherial and lasts a lifetime. ...This Wall Sculpture Relief measures 3 feet by 2 feet, on a strong wood-frame wrapped canvas.

The new Art Relief!
Fae Factory Wall Sculptures are fine art tokens of protection. Using countless layers of eco-friendly clay, canvas, paints and finishes; these works carry the energy of safety and protection to every home that houses them. Like a touchable multi-dimensional window from another etherial world, you can hang one on your wall, and feel the impact every time that you walk by. See the details, note the finger strokes and rhythms in the sculpted piece. Each is a treasured one of a kind work of art. 

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